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February 20, 2007

Google Apps for Your Domain, Ready for Upgrade

Google Apps for Your Domain (you must love the URL:, Google's package of hosted services for organizations and small businesses, could soon add new features and options.

InfoWorld reports the obvious: Google will add Docs & Spreadsheets to the offering. "It has been widely assumed that at some point Google would add Docs & Spreadsheets, a word processing and a spreadsheet program, to Google Apps, a suite of communication services for organizations. Docs & Spreadsheets lets multiple users share files and collaborate on them."

Business Week also assures us that Google didn't forget its promise: "We'll get in touch with you when a premium version of Google Apps for Your Domain is generally available for your organization." That will happen because "in the coming weeks, Google Apps will turn into a real business as Google begins charging corporations a subscription fee amounting to a few dollars per person per month."

I wouldn't say "corporations", maybe "organizations" would be a better term. But Business Week said "corporations" and they have reason: "Greg Brandeau is itching to dump the decade-old, homegrown e-mail system he manages at Pixar Animation Studios Inc. And the senior vice-president for technology at the Walt Disney Co. unit is sure about one thing: The replacement won't be Microsoft Corp.'s Exchange and Outlook duo, whose e-mail, calendar, and other programs dominate corporate computing. Brandeau says it's difficult to manage the software because Pixar uses a variety of computers. His likely choice may surprise you: Google."

The reduced cost for maintenance, the fact that Google's system is cross-platform and always available from anywhere in the world could be a good reason for switching. But is Google Apps powerful and reliable enough for a business? We'll found out soon enough, when Google launches the premium version of Google Apps, that will add customer support and more features.


  1. Pixar's CEO happens to be Steve Jobs who, as has been revealed is friends with Eric Schmidt, who also happens to be on the Apple board of directors. Making it a non-surprise really that Pixar are going to consider Google.

  2. AH AH AH !!! Google Docs is now named...GOOGLE WRITELY :-D

  3. The school I am at is already using Google Apps and the inclusion of Docs and Spreadsheets will only make that easier. The benefit for students is obvious, no purchase of expensive software, instant collaboration and no worries about versions of applications being available at school.

  4. Don't get me wrong, I love google!! However, I have 3 businesses using google apps for domains (which I recommended), 2 of which are very close to leaving due to the problems usinsg GAFYD with mobile devices (blackberry to name one). I know there are messy work arounds but I think that Google should focus on the outstanding issues before moving on.